Our Purpose and Direction


Empowering Sri Lankans Globally with useful health and fitness information and services


Guiding Sri Lankans worldwide through evidence-based fitness coaching for holistic wellbeing.

Our Core Values

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Evidence-based practices

Grounding coaching approach in scientific research and knowledge

Supportive communication

Fostering strong coach-client relationships through open and reliable communication.

Flexibility and adaptability

Offering a pause-resume service and dynamic plan changes to suit individual needs.

Nourishment and enjoyment

Providing a rich meal database for delicious and nutritious food choices.

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Resilience and contingency planning

Overcoming challenges and ensuring unwavering progress

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ALF Story

The Birth of Alpha Lee Fitness

In 2015, I embarked on a life-changing journey, co-founding "Natty Muscle," which eventually led to the birth of Alpha Lee Fitness Pvt Limited. By day, I was a dedicated software engineer, but by night, my true passion as a trainer emerged. From personal training sessions to leading invigorating group classes at Independence Square and even conducting a successful workshop at a leading tech company in Sri Lanka, Direct Fn, I had the opportunity to witness the profound impact of fitness on lives. That experience solidified my transition from a software engineer to a self-educated fitness trainer.

It also put me face to face with a new problem: the fitness trainer career was quite an underpaid profession. If I were to shoulder my family responsibilities and keep helping people make sustainable changes, I needed a more scalable method of doing business. In 2017-2018, I took on a solitary quest, working tirelessly to crack the code for an online coaching model that could revolutionize the Sri Lankan fitness industry, making a significant impact while also being profitable. Drawing upon my software engineering background, I was determined and unstoppable.

And then, in 2018, Alpha Lee Fitness Pvt Limited was born – a beacon of hope and knowledge, transcending borders and time zones, poised to reshape the world of Sri Lankan fitness. From 2019 onwards, I pursued my passion with unwavering dedication. As I recruited and scaled operations, I empowered Sri Lankans worldwide with evidence-based fitness knowledge. This is only the beginning of my story, where innovation, passion, and the desire to transform lives takes precedence. Join me at Alpha Lee Fitness Pvt Limited, where we redefine fitness possibilities and inspire a healthier, happier existence together.

The Team.

Our team is working tirelessly everyday to help ensure you get the best services

Dumindu Katuwala

Sales and Marketing Manager

lalitha weight loss and fitness planning coach

Lalitha Epaarachchi

Head Coach

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Monali Nawarathna

Documentation administrator

Interested In Joining Our Team

Interested In Joining Our Team

Distinctive Benefits

6 Reasons to Start your Journey with us

  1. Evidence-First Personalized Planning: Our coaching approach is grounded in evidence-based practices, ensuring that each client receives a tailored workout plan and meal plan aligned with their specific goals and needs.
  2. Pause-Resume Service: Distinctive in Sri Lanka, our unique pause-resume service empowers clients with the flexibility to use our coaching on their terms. Take breaks when needed and seamlessly resume your fitness journey without interruptions.
  3. Reliable Communication and Strong Coach-Client Relationships: We prioritize open and supportive communication. Our clients get to choose the level of attention they need.
  4. Continuous Monitoring and Dynamic Plan Changes: Our commitment to your progress drives us to monitor your development closely. We adjust and fine-tune your fitness plan dynamically, ensuring you achieve the best possible results.
  5. Rich Meal Database: Enjoy a vast collection of nutritious meals that add flavor and variety to your meal plan We believe in making wellness enjoyable through delicious and nourishing food choices. Checkout our Alpha Chef Recipe EBook
  6. Contingency Planning for Unwavering Progress: No obstacle will stand in your way. We have a robust contingency strategy to keep you on track, no matter the challenges you encounter. All you need to do is communicate your challenges

It takes more than just buying a weight loss diet plan or workout plan to reach your goals. our online fitness coaching service understands that and is willing and able to guide you through your unique journey.  Start your life style transformation journey with us now!

Real Results, Real Voices:
Client Testimonials

Had fun and noticed epic progress in my physique with the coaching. Definitely felt that my weak muscle groups got more attention than I usually give them!😂 Loved the meal options and the efficient training plan which incorporated bodybuilding exercises with calisthenics with the goal of perfecting the advanced calisthenics moves and improving mobility. Building muscle and knowing how to use them properly is golden.

The Best! Easy to work with and flexible workout plans. 💪

It's been just two months and I'm extremely happy about the progress I have made. Most importantly I'm glad that I'm able to continue my movement and mobility practice alongside weight training .The schedule has given me the opportunity to manage both .Also I like how Lee goes out of the way to give feedback and appreciate when he sees progress, that's a big motivational factor

Best trainer in the online coaching business by far, not only with the scientific approach to training but the flexibility too. In my opinion @lalitha_epaarachchi has the philosophy needed for a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable, something that is quite rare in the fitness community these days. Been using this service for years now and will continue to do so for years to come. Thanks to the Alpha Lee team for everything you do.

I’ve joined your coaching back in 2021 and my body weight was over 90kg….and now I’m pretty happy with my look, also looking forward to work with you 😊 If I would speak about the service you had given was very reliable and flexible ❤️

Hey, happy new year, hope you have a successful 2023!

Just wanted to let you know that I still use your program, honestly one of the best health investments I've made. It really does make a difference so thank you ☺️

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Interested in joining our Fitness Coaching

We build you custom workout plans based on your current fitness levels. we provide weight loss diet plans, weight gain diet plans depending on your unique goals. More importantly, we provide reliable continous support along the way.

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